Our BrandVision process allows us to understand where your brand is and where it needs to go. It provides you with a strategic roadmap and sets priorities for advancing the power of your brand. It provides you competitive awareness, brand positioning, audience insights, sets branding priorities and goals.

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Our BrandStory process helps craft the story of your brand in a way that is relevant and engaging.. It gives substance to the brand and enables the brand to build trust and authenticity. Today, audiences want to believe in the brands they support, connect with them and their values. Your BrandStory will help your brand so that.



The BrandPower is critical to develop leverage. It allows you to shortcut the selling process and builds loyalty.  The last thing you want to do is leave your brand to someone else to define. Brand is the only thing between ROI and shrinking margins on the road to being a commodity.

Creativity Starts with Strategic Smarts

WHAT WE DO:  In a world of technology driven lifestyle behaviors, we have been given a whole new set of tools and capabilities to use in the digital driven media environment. We have gone from every agency competing against each other - to agencies having to join forces to collaborate with each other. We have just a few media giants controlling the digital media world. Agencies now need to work together to discover opportunities and take best advantage of them.

We don't want to be the only marketing agency that brings all solutions to the table, but a smart trusted advisor, that brings a client's audience to the table and helps lead your brand to connect to your audience on a human level in a tech-driven world.

We believe humanizing your brand in an online environment is critical to your brand's success.

HOW WE DO IT: "It's all about telling the right story, to the right people, in the right place." It's not enough to know your company and product; you have to know the audiences you want to sell to. You need to have the insights about how your brand fits their needs and wants. This allows you to discover the insights that motivate them, engages them, so you don't have to just stalk them, you can engage then and encourage them to seek you out.

You need to understand how each of your audiences seek and engage information. Then, how they search for brands, products and services. This will allow you to engage each of them with your story.


That is why the right story, told in the right way is critical. We then need to be prepared to tell your story across all platforms with a consistent message that builds brand power. And that builds a brand that can influence each of your audiences in a way that they will appreciate what you have to say and offer.

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Michael Ewing


Michael has worked at some of the biggest agencies and on some of the biggest brands. And he brings that knowledge and sophistication to every client. He is known for his award winning creative and his insightful strategic thinking. For more background visit Linkedin.com.


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